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Vanderbuyst Dutch Hard Rock Assault
Vanderbuyst 27.01.2014: Video Teaser: "Shakira"

We hope to hear you all sing SHAKIRAAAAAH with us upcoming tour.

  • Vanderbuyst 21.01.2014: New video: "Little Sister"

    Here it is: our video for 'Little Sister'. A big thanks goes out to Thom, Lara and Iza - hell no we ain't going to do what you say, we will direct ourselves.

  • Vanderbuyst 20.01.2014: Little Sister / Shakira 7" (lim. 500)

    Stricktly limited to 500, here's our new 7".
    Two new tracks, "Little Sister" (featuring Farida Lemouchi) and "Shakira".

  • pre-order here
  • Vanderbuyst 07.01.2014: Waiting On The Wings

    Footage of "Waiting On The Wings", recorded 29/12/2013 at De Paerdestal in Terneuzen. All accoustic.

  • Vanderbuyst 07.01.2014: New tourdates with Enforcer & Skullfist

    Vanderbuyst's conquest of Europe alongside Enforcer, Skull Fist and the aptly named Gengis Khan continues with new dates added.

  • to tour page
  • Vanderbuyst 19.12.2013: Radio 3 TV Show

    Pro shot footage of Los conciertos de Radio 3 (05/12/2013) is now available on YouTube.

  • Vanderbuyst 20.10.2013: Welcome To The Night (official video)

    Official Video for "Welcome To The Night".
    Taken from the Album "Flying Dutchmen"

  • Vanderbuyst 13.08.2013: pro-shot footage of enrtire GMM show

    Whether you were or weren't there, you might be interested to know our entire Graspop Metal Meeting show is available on YouTube.
    Pro-shot. You ready for some metal?
  • Vanderbuyst 20.06.2013: Fonds Podium Kunsten

    We would like to thank Fonds Podium Kunsten (again!) for supporting Vanderbuyst's conquest of China.

  • Vanderbuyst 19.06.2013: little red blog #2

    Curious what our heroes have been up to in China?
    The Vanderbuyst FAN PAGE on facebook put together a nice little red photo album for ya'. Check here: Little Red Blog
    Vanderbuyst 10.06.2013: little red blog #1

    The men of Vanderbuyst are preparing themselves in a spartanic way for the journey abroad next week. Watch the video (by Sandra Gordijn) here!

    Follow the Little Red Blog here: Vanderbuyst fanclub on facebook
    Vanderbuyst 09.06.2013: little red blog

    From today, every day, the Vanderbuyst fanclub will post a story/photo/video about Vanderbuyst under the name: the little red blog.

    Follow here: Vanderbuyst fanclub on facebook
    Vanderbuyst 08.05.2013: CHINA!

    The Dutch Hard Rock Assault invaded 19 countries so far.
    Number 20 will be... CHINA!
    Vanderbuyst 23.04.2013: ZWARTE CROSS

    Vanderbuyst are confirmed for Zwarte Cross 2013.
    More details soon!
    Vanderbuyst 16.04.2013: GRASPOP METAL MEETING

    Vanderbuyst have just been confirmed for GMM in Dessel, Belgium.
    Vanderbuys are to hit the mainstage on Saturday, June 29 at 11:15 hours.
    Vanderbuyst 22.03.2013: PAASPOP, SCHIJNDEL 2013

    Third year in a row! Vanderbuyst will hit Paaspop, March 31.
    Vanderbuyst 14.03.2013: BLOODSTOCK 2013

    Vanderbuyst will cross the North Sea again.
    They are invited by UK's biggest independent metal festival:
    Vanderbuyst 14.03.2013: ON TOUR WITH High Spirits

    In the month of April Vanderbuyst will team up with High Spirits from Chicago for a few shows. Shows confirmed so far are:
  • 14-04-13 EFFENAAR, Eindhoven NL
  • 18-04-13 LUXOR, Arnhem NL
  • More TBA.
    Vanderbuyst 14.03.2013: live recordings

    Vanderbuyst is currently preparing for some live recordings. Apart from their electrifying club-shows, they will record an acoustic set at:
  • 16-03-13 DIE BURG (acoustic show), Dortmund DE
  • 12-04-13 KOORNBEURS (acoustic show), Delft NL

  • Make sure you join them at those unique events!
    Vanderbuyst 02.01.2013: Vanderbuyst at De Pul: January 5

    Channel Zero, who were supposed to play this evening, have cancelled their entire European tour. Ticket prices will be reduced. Those who have already purchased tickets will be compensated.
    Visit De Pul website for more information.
    Vanderbuyst will play! Always.
    Vanderbuyst 18.12.2012: Flying Dutchmen enters charts at number1!

    Vanderbuyst's new album "Flying Dutchmen" enters the Dutch AlternativeTop30 at number 1! The album entered the regular album charts at number 33.

    Now where's that champagne?

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